1st Dress Rehearsal by Chloe Campbell

20130908_Catching Art, Park & Tilford Gardens SCO_3791_FINAL_CHLOE“Today we had our first dress rehearsal for the 2013/14 premier gala performances coming up this weekend! A full morning of running between rooms and changing in under a minute before dancing again and again. We had some minor costume problems… Jodie and I looking quite magnificent with our crazy and fluffy swan headdresses – interesting times trying to make those… but now that we know how they are supposed to look we will fix them up for the show 🙂 The rehearsals went great, the dances seem to come together even more once everyone is in costume. The excitement is also starting to rise as the show days come nearer and nearer…

Only a couple more days before the first show time. We are all extremely excited! I am especially excited because performing on stage is my favourite part. I feel like the dances come alive, with the fancy lighting, the diverse costumes, and the fact that you just have to go for it since you only have one chance.

This is my second year with CatchingArt and I am very excited to perform with our new team! It has been difficult for us all to come together and dance as a group since some of us have never danced with each other before. But it has been a great adventure and we have all learnt so much. I am so proud of the company this year, as we have all worked so hard. I think we are going to have an amazing year working together.

I hope everybody reading this is coming to one of our shows this weekend the 16th and 17th of November! It will be a performance you do not want to miss! There are so many different styles of dance and ideas it will be magnificent.  Also when we have full audiences it makes it that much more special to perform and share our passions with everybody.”