CatchingART 2017-18 dancers and upcoming performances

CATCH the 2017-18 CatchingART dancers at two performances this November.

Saturday 11th November 7.30pm REMEMBRANCE @ the Centennial Theatre performing with the Lions Gate Sinfonia under Maestro Clyde Mitchell.

Tuesday 28th November 7.30pm Platform Performance Series Vancouver (@ the Scotiabank Dance Centre) with new works by Astrid Sherman, Stephana Arnold, Desiree Dunbar, Candice Michelle Franklin, Jill Henis & Beverley Bagg.

Dancers: Mikaela Kos, Connor MCleary, Emma Martino, Sophie Higgins, Margot Lorette, Cassia Slager & Laika Wintemute

2017 09 23 CatchingArt_LAR-1081 (1)

Update from Asia Sinnes, CatchingART dancer 2013-14

Asia Sinnes photographed by Pam & Scott McFarlane, September 2013

My name is Asia Sinnes; it’s my first year being a part of CatchingART and I am loving it! We made it to our performance on Friday night in one piece and the show went fantastic!  We were running a little late so we had to get ready in the car! Of course our costume included a feather headdress………… so needless to say we got a few funny looks while walking along the streets of Vancouver in headdresses that night. I can’t believe how fast this year is going by and our November show is coming up faster and faster each day. My friend and fellow CatchingART member, Danielle, and I are also training for our advanced 2 RAD exam which is hopefully going to be sooner rather than later. Then we can officially say we are done with RAD! While balancing rehearsals and training our days have been quite long and tiring but I think were handling it like pros! We’ve learnt to do homework at the dinner table and sew our pointe shoes in the car. We just finished our last rehearsal for three days! Us and our feet will definitely appreciate this  Thanksgiving break.  CatchingART has been awesome so far and it’s only the beginning, I think I can speak for everyone by saying that we are all excited for our year ahead of us 🙂

Thoughts from Sophia – CatchingARt dancer 2013-14

Sophia Curalli, CatchingART 2013

Welcome! I am part of a fabulous group of girls: Asia, Aine, Alejandra, Caitlin, Chloe, Jodie, and Danielle with awesome understudies Maia and Julia! The second season of the CatchingART Contemporary Ballet Company! We just started new choreography with Megan Walker-Straight from the SFU Dance Department tonight who was an original member of Merce Cunningham’s company in New York! It was a long day and we all worked very hard but it was exciting! Guest choreographers are always awesome to work with and different ways of moving are always interesting to explore!  Regardless of the many crashes we had tonight, I’m pretty sure we all managed to walk away in one piece!  My goal this month is to go through the least number of pointe shoes possible…they seem to be dying and dropping like flies!  Oh, and to keep all my toenails! 😛  We have the Vancouver Ballet Society Gala on Friday! Pray for us as we will be getting a ride with Ms Astrid!!! :S Hope we make it there ok! 😉 First priority: This performance requires brown pointe shoes….Michael’s and fabric paint! Here I come!! 😀

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