Thoughts from Alejandra Brossoit (CatchingART dancer 2014-15)


“There’s just something special about having dancers and musicians collaborate together”!!

The CatchingART dancers rehearsing with the Lions Gate Sinfonia conductor, Clyde Mitchell, for Michael Conway Baker’s “Through The Lions Gate”. They are honoured to have Michael as their composer-in-residence!

The company performs this November 15th and 16th, 2014 at the Kay Meek to a recorded version and then again on April 11th, 2015 with the Lions Gate Sinfonia LIVE at the Centennial Theatre!


September Rehearsals by Sophia Curalli (CatchingART dancer 2014-15)


The company is working hard in rehearsals! Blood, sweat, tears and love! Rehearsals with SFU’s Megan Walker-Straight and collaborations with storyteller Cecil Hersher and musicians  Maneo Mohale & Gabriele White.We can’t wait to perform for everyone and showcase all of our hard work!

Introducing the 2014-15 CatchingART dancers


2014 09 07 CatchingART PAM-3559 (2)

The 2014-15 season welcomes Danielle Lee Hogervorst (returning member);  Carolyn Black (new member from Ontario); Asia Sinnes (returning  member); Ethan Ponton (new member from Pro Arte); Geneva Frampton (new member from Pro Arte); Maia Jadue (2013-14 understudy); Alejandra Brossoit (returning member) and Sophia Curalli (returning  member).

We wish graduating dancers much success: Jodie Herron (Coastal City Ballet); Caitlin McKinnon (SFU BA Dance Program), Chloe Campbell (Arts Umbrella Graduate Program)

We congratulate 2012-13 members: Emma Miller moving to a paid apprenticeship with Ballet Jorgen from the Alberta Ballet Graduate Program; Micheala Gobas who heads to the Elmhurst Graduate Program (Birmingham Ballet) and Amanda Gillies who returns to Pro Arte as a young teacher being mentored by Melanie Dance & Astrid Sherman.

Latest CatchingART progress from Caitlin McKinnon – CatchingART dancer 2013-14

20130908_Catching Art, Park & Tilford Gardens_0089Greetings from everyone in CatchingART! These first two months have gone by unbelievably fast. We have worked with so many amazing choreographers; to name a few Megan Walker-Straight, Amber Funk-Barton and Suzanne Ouellette. They all  have unique styles and it has been a great learning experience for all of us.

A lot of our pieces for the November show are having their finishing details put  on them and some of them are just getting started! It’s a little nerve-wrecking  knowing we have just under a month until our show and still so much to clean,  but we are looking forward to performing all of them on the 16th.

On Friday we have our last rehearsal with Megan Walker-Straight, and though we are all sad to see her go we are just as thankful for everything she has taught us. These last  two weeks have been chock-a-block full with tough rehearsals, but these next  couple of weeks will be even harder so I for one am very much looking forward to  some new pointe shoes, because I’m going to need them if I want to keep using  these feet 🙂 We are all looking forward to our up coming performance and for  anything and everything that we experience after that.

New 2013-14 season members announced

_PAM5966We are excited for our dynamic new “team” of young dancers for the 2013-14 Season.

Welcome Alejandra Brossoit, Sophia Curalli, Danielle Lee Hogervorst, Aine Miller, Caitlin McKinnon and Asia Sinnes. Chloe Campbell & Jodie Herron return for a 2nd season.

Watch this space for pictures and news!!!

We congratulate the 2012-13 CatchingART alumni on their successful transitions further along their career paths:

Alisha Ahmadi and Nicolette Szabo head to London, England to the Rambert School Ballet & Contemporary Honours Program, Emma Miller has joined the the Alberta Ballet Graduate Program,  Haley Horton to to Arizona University Ballet Program, Michaela Gobas has joined the Kirov Program in Washington, and Amanda Gillies to Vancouver’s Coastal City Ballet.

Congratulations and chukkas to these talented and lovely young dancers!!! We will watch their careers unfold with pride!