Thoughts from Alejandra Brossoit (CatchingART dancer 2014-15)


“There’s just something special about having dancers and musicians collaborate together”!!

The CatchingART dancers rehearsing with the Lions Gate Sinfonia conductor, Clyde Mitchell, for Michael Conway Baker’s “Through The Lions Gate”. They are honoured to have Michael as their composer-in-residence!

The company performs this November 15th and 16th, 2014 at the Kay Meek to a recorded version and then again on April 11th, 2015 with the Lions Gate Sinfonia LIVE at the Centennial Theatre!


Introducing the 2014-15 CatchingART dancers


2014 09 07 CatchingART PAM-3559 (2)

The 2014-15 season welcomes Danielle Lee Hogervorst (returning member);  Carolyn Black (new member from Ontario); Asia Sinnes (returning  member); Ethan Ponton (new member from Pro Arte); Geneva Frampton (new member from Pro Arte); Maia Jadue (2013-14 understudy); Alejandra Brossoit (returning member) and Sophia Curalli (returning  member).

We wish graduating dancers much success: Jodie Herron (Coastal City Ballet); Caitlin McKinnon (SFU BA Dance Program), Chloe Campbell (Arts Umbrella Graduate Program)

We congratulate 2012-13 members: Emma Miller moving to a paid apprenticeship with Ballet Jorgen from the Alberta Ballet Graduate Program; Micheala Gobas who heads to the Elmhurst Graduate Program (Birmingham Ballet) and Amanda Gillies who returns to Pro Arte as a young teacher being mentored by Melanie Dance & Astrid Sherman.

The show coming together – 2 days and counting by Jodie Herron

20130908_Catching Art, Park &Tilford Gardens SCO_2056Two days and counting!

It’s been a very exciting and exhausting two months of rehearsals and practices. And it has all come down to the last couple days until the premiere of the second Catching Art show! It’s been such a great experience working with all and the new choreographers and everyone should be expecting a great diversity among all the dances. A show that is very different from the last that includes classical to contemporary, and comedic to grim choreography.

I’ve been enjoying my “new” team mates in the company, and I’ve been enjoying the encouragement and support everyone gives. This is mine and Chloe’s second year in the company and we can both see how it’s been developing and becoming even more sophisticated than what it was from last year.

Tomorrow we have another dress which will be the second one we’ve had. All eight of us in the company are just tuckered out after jumping around from costume to costume. This is just extra assurance for us ; so that on the day we can just enjoy and relax and perform to the audience without any worries. Performing on stage has always been my favorite part of dancing and having a lively audience makes it that much better.

The dancers, teachers, and costume makers have been working extensively to make this show the best it can be and hopefully as many people as possible can make it out to Kay Meek this weekend for either one of the shows. Hope to see everyone there, wish us good luck on the next crazy few days!

Costume sagas with Aine – CatchingART dancer 2013-14

20130908_Catching Art, Park & Tilford Gardens_1302_FINAL_AINEHi, I’m Aine! This is my first year as part of CatchingART and I am loving it so far. It’s been great to work with these amazing guest choreographers, we’re so lucky to have these opportunities. As the show draws near, you can see the frantic look in the eyes of the teachers and moms sewing costumes for us.

Two of Pro Arte’s finest, Ms Kim and Ms Sarah, have been drowning in red tulle all week!  Such brave souls. My mum is also helping out with a few costumes, so needless to say the dinning table has been taken over with sewing supplies and there are several dresses hanging up in our bathroom..

I’m pretty sure the award for best soon-to-be Halloween costume goes to Ms. Kim, who has found herself a large tube of fabric and is going to be Martha Graham. Now, if this makes no sense to you, I suggest you go search up Martha Graham “Lamentation”.

We’ve taken a few looks at the program drafts, and the posters for the show were printed this week, and as always, everyone is as critical about themselves as ever. Personally I think everyone looks really lovely and this only makes us realize how close the show is getting! Cross our fingers we don’t explode in anticipation before the show comes ’round!!=